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Growing your business in Western Michigan

Grand Rapids SEO to help your business grow

When the economy isn’t growing that much, new sources of business revenue can be hard to find. A rising tide raises all boats, or all businesses in this case, and the tide just isn’t rising. Business growth cannot be counted on, or taken for granted. There must be a plan, and that plan must be executed well. Oh, and you have to be able to provide value to customers, but that’s a subject for another post.

With few new business formations, it is very hard to find new customers. Basically, you have to take customers away from someone else. If dry cleaners are going out of business all around you, then you might have a steady source of new dry cleaning customers if you are the last shop standing.

The experts at Grand Rapids SEO have a different solution. Instead of trying to find a market, why not go where there is already a market and people looking for the goods and services your company provides? That is, why not find your next customers online? For any given product or service, there are searches every month. Why not be in front of the people that are searching for what you have to sell?

This all seems rather backward if you have been in business for decades. Used to be you had to advertise and try to target that advertising to a certain demographic and hope that 2% of that group were interested in your goods and services. Now, all you have to do is be there when they look. That’s what SEO does: it makes sure you are in front of the people who want what you have when they want it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making sure that your business website is structured so that its information can be indexed by search engines and optimized so that it appears near the top of results so the greatest number of people can see it. It’s a little bit art and a little bit science but it translates directly to your bottom line.

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Gold IRA Information

Gold IRA Reviews and Information


Just the other day, someone told me they were considering a gold ETF or gold stocks for their IRA. I asked them what their motivation was for thinking about this asset class.

As it was explained to me, the person was worried about a “worst case scenario”. For example, a nuclear explosion in space that knocked out all power grids and that everyone was left without power for quite some time. Or a war on our soil here in the U.S. Another concern was the declining purchasing power of the dollar and future inflation as well as more monetary easing by the Fed. The list was extensive.

Then I asked, what happens if one of these things actually happened. How is that gold stock going to help you? Can you exchange that gold stock for food or gasoline? The answer is no. You buy gold stocks because you think the price of gold is going to go up (or down if you sell the stock short). It is a digital record that you own x amount of shares of stock in a company that mines gold, or processes gold, or the like.

Same with a gold etf fund. When the world goes to “hell in a handbasket”, what good is shares in a fund going to do for you? Hey great, the fund price will escalate and your net worth will go up, but you can’t exchange that piece of paper for real gold that you can use as currency to buy things that will ensure your survival.

It is worth considering what you want to own gold for before you invest in it. If you are a survivalist, you want gold you can actually use as a unit of value to buy things you need. If you are a trader, then an ETF will suit your investment goals. As an investor, gold stocks might be a good thing if you think the price will go up.

Check out the gold ira reviews and info you find on the linked site for more information on why gold investing is a top-of-mind strategy for investors today.

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Who do you trust?

Considering a Chicago SEO Consultant?

When it comes to your business, who do you trust? It pays to check out the people and the companies that you do business with. They are, in fact, your partners whether you want a partner or not. Take for example, your marketing agency. Many companies do not have the budget for in house experts. And, many times, the best experts are not available to be hired as employees. If someone is really good at what they do, they probably own their own company.

As an example, many large ad agencies actually outsource their SEO tasks to boutique agencies that specialize in SEO. They know that they can’t hire someone in house at $50K per year that knows enough to be able to handle the SEO work for a mega e-commerce site or a large brand. An in house person does not have the time or inclination to stay on top of the latest developments in SEO and certainly doesn’t travel to SEO workshops to keep their skills up to date. They are just not getting paid enough to make that investment in their craft. And so it goes. That’s why you’ll find the best talent in the ranks of the boutique agencies. These are people who are confident enough in their skills and their ability to move the needle for their clients…their livelihood depends on it.

It is easy to think that just because a company is big, they will be the best resource to choose. Size means skills, right? Not necessarily in this case. You need specific skills. You need to trust your bottom line to someone. You need processes and procedures that work in the short run and for the long term. You need a specialist. A boutique consultant may give you not only the skills you lack and the service you need, but the attention and commitment that only a business owner can deliver.

Information About Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

If you are not sure what to do and you have been involved in a truck accident, please contact one of our chicago truck accident lawyers immediately. This could be an extremely important call for you to make in order to get the best representation for your case. We can answer any questions you might haveTruck Accident Lawyer and make sure you are compensated for injuries or damages that resulted from the accident.

Why you need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies will want to settle your case for the least amount of money they can. The right attorney can help you get compensated for all of your damages and not merely the small amount an insurance company may offer you. Although most cases usually don’t end up in a courtroom with a jury you still want someone that will represent you with your best outcome in mind.

You definitely don’t want to face a large insurance company on your own. If the accident was not your fault, it really doesn’t matter what caused the accident. It could be a broken part or system on a truck that caused the accident. It might be a careless driver. Whatever the cause, a Chicago Truck Accident Attorney will fight for your just compensation.

The types of compensation that are typical in truck accident cases include truck and car damages, medical bills now and in the future, wages you have lost, pain and suffering and punitive damages. A lawyer will assist you by answering your question, and help you through the entire process including filing your lawsuit all the way through completion.

No lawyer can heal your injuries but they can recover monetary compensation for you so that you get justice for your personal injury case. You are entitled to financial compensation if a truck accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. For further information, call the Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers at 312-818-5330 today.

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